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MathFlow Partners

Professional services organizations (systems integrators, VARs, and consultants) who provide custom application development, implementation, and integration services, and recommend Design Science's MathFlow as part of a broader technology solution.

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Acolada develops software for technical publications and catalogues and for publishing houses as well. Acolada supports with their SimQin XML editor the creation and with Sirius CMS the managing process of XML. MyFabulousAgent is a plugin for Indesign to support the publication process.

BNStar Information Technology

BNStar is a professional information technology company that delivers Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) solutions, including consulting, development, implementation and training.

The Content Era

The Content Era leverages over 25 years of experience to optimize your documentation workflow with services such as: documentation consulting, XML/DITA conversions, content optimization consulting, training services, planning, Architecture and Implementation, DTD/EDD solutions and much more. The Content Era’s best practices have proven to reduce cycle time and increase efficiency.

Dakota Systems

Specializing in enterprise publishing and content management solutions, Dakota Systems creates opportunities for its clients to maximize the return on their technology investment. Whether working with technical manuals or scientific journals, Dakota Systems’ proven analysis and development methodologies enables quick and cost effective integration of its clients’ business intelligence with their publishing strategy.

Data Conversion Laboratory

Data Conversion Laboratory is an industry leader in organizing, converting, and moving content to modern formats for wider access and enhanced revenue streams. Based in New York, DCL has been on the forefront of conversion technology for over 30 years, specializing in XML including MathML, NLM, and DITA.


DeltaXML have developed a core competency in the management of change using XML, and as a result have developed unmatched expertise in this specialist field and delivered working solutions to around 200 class-leading companies, and tens of thousands of users.

DITA Strategies

DITA Strategies is an independent consulting company founded by DITA specialist and information architect, Amber Swope. DITA Strategies provides information architecture, content analysis, and training development and deliver for teams implementing DITA.


DOCUFY specializes in professional software for simple creation of good technical documentation. DOCUFY develops and distributes standardized, multilingually designed software for industry-specific (COSIMA go!) as well as for industry-independent solutions (COSIMA enterprise). The new web application DOCUFY Machine Safety allows modular risk assessments according to the Machinery Directive.

EAC Product Development Solutions

EAC Product Development Solutions (EAC) has offered world-class product development tools and services since 1996. In addition to CAD and Data Management software sales, EAC offers Training, Engineering, Implementation, Lean PD consulting, Dynamic Publishing, and Assessment services.

eGloo Technologies

Since 2002, eGloo Technologies P/L has been providing consultation and professional services for XML technologies, data conversion and application development. Our flagship product is tekReader, an innovative HTML5 eReader that delivers industrial strength documentation in the cloud.

Expert Communication Systems GmbH

Expert Communication Systems, is the maker of the browser based XML editing system "Smart Media Creator". SMC can be run in many areas of technical documentation and technical marketing: manuals / instructions, catalogs / data sheet, software documentation / online help, web content and mobile devices, e-learning or marketing media.

Global Publishing Solutions

GPSL develops and delivers solutions to complex publishing challenges and environments. We are some of the most experienced project specialists and developers in the publishing world and are experts in providing simple solutions to complex publishing problems.

Index Information Technologies

Index Information Technologies is a Finnish company specialized in building professional content creation and knowledge management systems. Index has built a large number of solutions for different kinds of companies and public sector organizations for making their information production, management and delivery more effective. Most of the systems are utilizing XML standard for rationalizing processing of information.


InfoParse is a dynamic consulting company in Tokyo, founded by seasoned XML expert Tetsuya Sekine, focusing on end-to end DITA Enabled Intelligent Content Solutions and its Information eXperiences Optimization. To maximize the consulting services, the company provides technical support services for software, CCMS implementation services, and trainings & workshops for DITA-enabled tools and information development.


KGU-Consulting is an IT service provider who assists manufacturing companies with the conceptual design and implementation of software-based information systems. They focus on CMS for Technical Documentation as well as on Product Lifecycle Management. KGU-Consulting is distribution partner of Just System products and in this context delivers MathFlow for XMetaL.


LearningMate Solutions provides digital product development services to leading education publishers, school districts and universities worldwide. LearningMate's products and solutions encompass assessment, data analytics, instructional technology and interactive media while adhering to major education and interoperability standards.

Newbook Production

Since 1994, Newbook has helped customers solve complicated technical publishing problems in mission-critical technical, medical, scientific and regulatory environments, using only the best and proven technologies in our integrated authoring, content management, and publishing solutions.

Oberon Technologies

Oberon Technologies is focused on delivering automated publishing solutions for their customers. Partnering with leading XML based software providers, Oberon Technologies offers a wide variety of services in the implementation and maintenance of authoring, editorial, review, content management, publishing, and information delivery systems.


Ovidius designs XML-based editing and publication solutions for various industries. The systems are precisely tailored to the customers' requirements and are modular and scalable. Ovidius helps to automate the publication workflows. Moreover, Ovidius ensures a high degree of legal certainty. Irrespective of whether dealing with electronic publications or PDFs, the information is provided fast and reliably – digitally, on-board and/or on paper. With the associated time and expenditure savings and simultaneous increased efficiency and quality, Ovidius is able to ensure the customers a fast return on investment. The company is certified according to DIN EN 9100:2009.


SCHEMA is a leading supplier of electronic documentation solutions. The company offers SCHEMA ST4, a standard software application designed for the efficient and secure creation, organization and publication of professional product information. This includes pre-sales material such as catalogs, post-sales documents such as product documentation, training material, contracts, and much more.

Science Software Nordic

Science Software Nordic is a provider of Technical Calculation products. We help our customers to realize business values through streamline technical calculations and provide quality assured documentation. We are a complete software provider by offering support, education, services and licenses to make our customer successful with technical calculations and presentation of technical calculations.

Single-Sourcing Solutions

Single-Sourcing Solutions provides consulting, engineering, and project management services. They provide honest, direct advice — and just the right amount of assistance — to take new Arbortext customers from purchase to production. A Trusted Advisor of PTC, the company is a licensed vendor of Arbortext products in the Western US.

Stühlen Satz + EDV

Stühlen Satz + EDV is consulting and supporting pre-press companies, publishers and other users of structured documents. To support the traditionally high percentage of scientific publications the solutions from Design Science are essential for our customers.

Suite Solutions

Suite Solutions provides the content delivery platforms and professional services you need to engage your customers with quick access to relevant information. Our experience and DITA Quick Start approach help you get it right the first time and quickly realize the benefits and ROI of component-based content delivery.


TEXTree is a total content-related solution provider in South Korea, and offers consulting and content-related services covering the full life cycle of content management such as information design/modeling, style sheet development, structured authoring, multi-channel publishing, document conversion and content reuse strategy.


tformat provides dynamic publishing solutions, software and services to customers in many sectors who have predominantly automated or specialised publishing requirements. Design Science applications help our customers to fully utilise their XML workflow for mathematical needs.

Victory Productions

Educational publishers expect a development partner with innovative solutions, deep content knowledge, effective project management, and pedagogical and technological expertise. Victory develops engaging, content-rich, individualized learning experiences that are accessible at any time on multiple platforms — and develops systems (e.g., CMS and LMS) for its clients to create and manage their own content.

xEdge Consultancy Xedge

xEdge provides consulting and implementation services in XML-based publishing solutions tailoring to their customer's unique authoring, editing and publishing environments. xEdge uses Design Science MathType and MathFlow to integrate into its solution to provide complex math equations editing capabilities within Microsoft Word and Arbortext Editor for export of MathML embedded into the XML output.

Xpress Publishing Services

Xpress Publishing Services provides a full range of typesetting services, such as, TeX/LaTeX format, XML coding (especially NLM/JATS DTD), Graphical Illustrations, Proofreading, Copy-editing, Digitization projects, Data Conversion, Word processing, Database sheets, etc.


Zoomin helps organizations deliver content on-demand, across all customer touchpoints, quickly, easily and precisely. Global brands trust Zoomin to deliver their content to documentation portals, knowledge bases, call centers, search engines, customer communities, and to devices that are part of the internet of things.

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