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MathType 6 for Windows Now Shipping

New version adds Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista compatibility, plus TeX/LaTeX input and Wikipedia interoperability

LONG BEACH, Calif. — September 12, 2007 — Design Science today announced the release of MathType™ 6 for Windows, a major upgrade that is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista. New features include TeX input, the ability to copy equations to and from Wikipedia, and more. MathType is the full-featured, professional version of the Equation Editor in Microsoft Office and many other products, and is used by math and science educators, engineers, research scientists, students and publishing professionals to include mathematical notation in printed documents, presentations and web pages.

MathType 6 takes full advantage of Office 2007's new Ribbon user interface by adding a new MathType tab in Word and PowerPoint to do equation operations in documents and presentations, and introduces new equation numbering and browse features that work with all Word 2007 equation types. "I can see already that 6.0 is going to cut my preparation time down considerably. The new ribbon interface is so much clearer." said William F. Shughart II, F.A.P. Barnard Distinguished Professor of Economics, Editor in Chief, Public Choice, The University of Mississippi, Department of Economics.

MathType 6 enables the user to copy equations from existing TeX documents, and scientists who already know the TeX typesetting language can now type expressions directly into MathType. "The new LaTeX-to-MathType feature is marvelous. Instead of having to retype all my equations again to use in a PowerPoint presentation, I now can just cut and paste. This is the best software purchase I have made in a long time." said Alfonso Limon, Chief Scientist, A&A Consulting Ca.

MathType 6 now works with Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia that contains thousands of pages with mathematical equations. Users can do research on Wikipedia and copy relevant equations for use in their own work. MathType equations can also be copied into Wikipedia's page editor to create new pages, or edit existing ones.

MathType is US $57 for academic users, $97 for non-academic users; upgrades are US $37 for academic users, $49 for non-academic users.

About Design Science

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Long Beach, California, Design Science develops software used by educators, scientists and publishing professionals, including MathType, Equation Editor in Microsoft Office, WebEQ, MathFlow, MathPlayer and TeXaide, to communicate on the web and in print. For more information please visit



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