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For Immediate Release

MathType 3.6 for Macintosh now Shipping

Long Beach, CA — January 4, 1999Design Science, Inc., today releases MathType 3.6 for Macintosh, an upgrade specifically developed to work with Microsoft Word 98. MathType is the full-featured version of the Equation Editor (also developed by Design Science) included in Microsoft Word. It allows Word 98 users to quickly insert scientific equation numbers, renumber equations on the fly, change equation font sizes and styles to match a document’s text, plus many other timesaving and formatting features superior to Equation Editor.

MathType is the leading software for creating textbook-quality equations in word processing documents, books, and presentations. It is also the de facto standard for creating equations on the Web. MathType’s anti-aliasing algorithm creates smooth-lined GIF equations instead of the jagged-edged ones typically created in html. "Wherever you see high-quality mathematics on the Web, you are seeing equations most likely created with MathType. Nothing else does such a professional job," says Paul Topping, the company’s president and chief scientist. "We are also geared-up and looking forward to Netscape and Microsoft supporting MathML in their browsers (Supported by the next version of MathType, MathML is a subset of XML, and is used for representing mathematical notation on the Web)."

MathType 3.6 for Macintosh requires System 7.1 or newer. MathType is $129 and $99 for faculty, staff and students of academic institutions. MathType 3.5 users can purchase an upgrade for $19.95; users of older versions of MathType for Macintosh can purchase the upgrade for $29.95. Multi-user licenses, school and district licenses are available.MathType can also be purchased and downloaded from the company’s Web site:

Review copies available upon request

Bruce Virga
Vice President Sales

Design Science, Inc.
140 Pine Avenue, 4th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802, USA


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