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MathType 4.0 for Windows is now Shipping

New Windows version creates mathematical notation for print and web-based documents.

Long Beach, CA, - May 4, 1999 - Design Science, Inc. is now shipping MathType 4 for Windows, the professional version of the Equation Editor included in Microsoft Office and other applications. MathType is the leading software for creating mathematical notation in word processing documents, presentations, web pages, TeX, LaTeX and MathML.

The company expects a large number of an estimated 2,000,000 Equation Editor users will purchase MathType 4 to replace the junior version they have been using. "When we licensed Equation Editor to Microsoft and Corel, we knew at the time we were sacrificing MathType sales in exchange for market share. To grow, we needed to develop a cutting-edge equation tool that would far exceed the capabilities of the Equation Editor people got free with their word processor. MathType 4 is absolutely a must-have for anyone writing technical documents," said Paul Topping, Design Science’s president and chief scientist.

MathType 4 has hundreds of additional mathematical and technical symbols and templates, color support for professional publishing, translators to TeX, LaTeX and MathML, new commands that are installed into Microsoft Word to add important technical word processing features, new Euclid fonts for producing documents using the classic LaTeX / Computer Modern-look, and much more.

MathType 4 is one of the first commercial software packages to support MathML. MathML is an XML-based language for representing mathematical notation in web-based technical documents, and is a Recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C, see for more information). "MathML is the future of math on the web. We are looking forward to browser support from Microsoft and Netscape and our MathType-to-MathML translator will give our users a head-start with this new technology," said Topping.

MathType also allows consultants, document experts, and developers to create translators from MathType to other mark-up languages, such as SGML. "Over the years, we have gained an intimate understanding of the many problems organizations have when dealing with documents containing mathematical notation. MathType 4's new translator technology now gives us a way to deliver on that understanding." said Topping.

MathType 4 for Windows is $129, the academic price is $99, and the upgrade price is $49.95. It runs on Windows 95, 98 & NT. MathType 3.6 for Macintosh version is also available with different features.


Review copies available upon request

Bruce Virga
Vice President Sales

Design Science, Inc.
140 Pine Avenue, 4th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802, USA

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