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Make math accessible to your students with disabilities!

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Are you a teacher or professor that needs to make your Microsoft Word documents readable to your students with vision and learning disabilities? MathDaisy� enables you to save documents in the DAISY Digital Talking Book format. Your students can use MathPlayer�-enabled DAISY player software to read your classroom materials in the manner that suits their abilities and preferences best.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

About MathDaisy:

1. What is MathDaisy?

MathDaisy works with Microsoft Word, Microsoft's Save As DAISY add-in, and MathType. As you might guess from its name, Save As DAISY adds a "Save As DAISY" menu item to Word's File menu. This command saves the document as a DAISY Digital Talking Book ready to be used in an eBook reader. MathDaisy enhances the Word-to-DAISY conversion process, converting the equations in the document to MathML as required by the DAISY format.

2. What else do I need to produce accessible documents from Word that contain math?

You must have the following software to produce accessible documents from Word that contain math:

Word must be installed first followed by the others in any order.

3. How do I add math to a Microsoft Word document so it works with MathDaisy?

MathDaisy will work with Equation Editor and MathType equations, as well as those created using the Word 2007/Office 2010/Office 2013 equation feature. Of course, we recommend MathType for consistent results and all of its advanced features.

4. How do I read a DAISY file?

To read a DAISY file (called a DAISY Book) produced by MathDaisy and Save As DAISY, you need a MathPlayer-enabled DAISY player for the best reading experience. See the next item.

5. Where do I get a DAISY player that displays math?

For the best reading experience, you need a MathPlayer-enabled DAISY player. This is a software application running on either a personal computer or dedicated ebook reader that reads a DAISY file (DAISY Book) and presents the content to the user. It needs to be MathPlayer-enabled in order to read the math with the greatest amount of functionality and control. Please check the Which DAISY player works best? section of our DAISY for Students page for a list of compatible players or check with AT vendors directly.

6. Can MathDaisy write alt text in a language other than English?

At this time, English is the only language supported. If you are interested in support of other languages, please contact our sales department.

Purchasing MathDaisy

7. Where can I purchase MathDaisy and what methods of payment are available?

You can purchase direct from Design Science at our online store, by calling our office, from one of our resellers, or at a college bookstore. If ordering direct from us, we accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), checks, wire transfers and purchase orders as payment.

8. If I install your 30-day demo of MathDaisy and decide not to buy it, what happens?

MathDaisy has a 30 day trial period. When that period expires, MathDaisy will not generate usable alt text. Instead, you will see alt text that says "Invalid MathDaisy License." To restore MathDaisy's full functionality, you must purchase a license and register the copy. A license can be purchased at the Design Science Store.

9. Do you offer an academic discount?

Yes. MathDaisy is only $97 for faculty, staff and students of academic institutions. You can get the discount in our online store or by calling our offices.

10. Do you offer site licenses?

We expect to offer MathDaisy site licenses soon. As of this writing, we are putting the final touches on our site license pricing and policy. If you are interested in getting a site license for your department, school, university, or other organization, please contact our sales department.

11. Can I get a CDROM version?

As of this writing, MathDaisy is available as a download only. If you are interested in a CDROM version, please contact our sales department and let us know why you need one.


12. Which versions of Microsoft Word work with MathDaisy?

Actually, this is determined by Microsoft's Save As DAISY add-in which requires Microsoft Word 2013, 2010, 2007, or 2003.

13. Will MathDaisy run on my computer (system requirements)?

MathDaisy will run on any Windows computer that runs a version of Microsoft Word compatible with Save As DAISY. See the previous item.

14. Is there a Mac version of MathDaisy?

No. MathDaisy only works with Microsoft's Save As DAISY add-in for Microsoft Word and that is only available for on Windows. If you need this capability with Microsoft Word for Macintosh, please submit a suggestion to Microsoft via their Mactopia Product Suggestions page. If you are interested in seeing Save As DAISY integration with Apple iWork, please let Apple know directly via their Pages Feedback page.

Downloading and Installing MathDaisy

15. How do I install MathDaisy?

You must already have an installed copy of Microsoft Word. Then you can install Save As DAISY, MathDaisy, and MathType in any order. When you download MathDaisy, your browser will offer to Run or Save it to your hard disk. Choose Run to install. If you choose Save, you can run it later from wherever you saved it. Simply follow the installer's instructions.

16. Can I install MathDaisy on my work computer and my home computer?

Yes, if you purchase a copy of MathDaisy, you can install it on all of your computers as long as you use it on only one of them at a time. Installing it on your office computer and your laptop is allowed—installing it on your friend's or coworker's computer is not. For more details, see the MathDaisy License Agreement. See also Do you offer site licenses?

17. Can I download MathDaisy again if I need to reinstall my software?

Yes. MathDaisy downloads are easily available on our website.

Getting Help

18. What if I have more questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call us at 1-800-827-0685, Monday through Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific, GMT - 8:00. You may also reach us via email at

19. How do I get help or technical support?

MathDaisy technical support is free. Contact our technical support team by calling
+1 (562) 432-2920, Monday through Friday from  8 AM - 5 PM Pacific, GMT - 8:00. , or email

20. Is there a training course I can sign up for?

No; MathDaisy does not require any interaction therefore no training is necessary.

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