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MathPlayer Support

Getting Help

If you experience problems or have questions regarding MathPlayer take a look below to find the answers you need.

Consult the MathPlayer user manual

Consult the MathPlayer User Manual online to learn about its features and how to get the most out of using them.

MathPlayer TechNotes

Look at our MathPlayer TechNotes to find solutions to problems commonly experienced by MathPlayer users.

Contact our technical support department

If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, email our technical support staff. Email is the best way to avoid trouble with time zone differences or waiting on hold when our technical support staff are busy helping other customers. 

Authoring for MathPlayer and MathML

If you want information on creating web pages containing equations compatible with MathPlayer, the MathPlayer User Manual and MathPlayer and MathML Technology will answer your questions.


MathPlayer works with the leading Assistive Technology software such as JAWS and Window-Eyes. See MathPlayer Can Speak!  for more information about MathPlayer's accessibility. To learn more about math accessibility and Design Science's efforts in this area, see Solutions for the Accessibility Community.


Don't have MathPlayer? Click here to download it.

License Agreement

Click here to find out what you can legally do with MathPlayer.

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