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Product Registration

Product registration gives us a way to notify you of important product compatibility information, when a new version of MathType become available, or other significant product information. As our privacy statement promises, we don't share this information with anyone.

Finding Your MathType Product Key

In order to upgrade your copy of MathType, register MathType or receive technical support, you need to provide your MathType product key (sometimes referred to as registration number). You can find it in one of several places:

  • Launch MathType and choose Help>About MathType.
  • If you downloaded MathType, your product key is included on the purchase confirmation and download instructions that we emailed to you.

If you can't find your product key, call or email our Sales department and we'll try to look it up in our database so you will be able to upgrade MathType and receive Technical Support. We can be reached in the US at 1-800-827-0685, and from outside the US at 1-562-432-2920.

Find your MathType version number

  • Launch MathType and choose Help>About MathType.

Want to quickly check if you have the latest version? 

MathType has a Check for Latest Version command on the Help menu (select MathType on the Web) that will inform you if there is a newer version available. This feature requires an Internet connection to function properly.

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