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MTCode Encoding Tables

MathType represents characters internally using the MTCode encoding. MTCode is a superset of the Unicode encoding that uses Unicode's Private Use Area to represent mathematical characters that are not part of Unicode proper.

The tables whose links are shown below document MTCode's use of Unicode's Private Use Area (PUA). For the non-Private Use Area characters, please consult The Unicode Standard from Addison-Wesley. This book is available from good computer book stores or from Please bear in mind that MTCode is based on Unicode 2.0. There are newer versions which contain additional characters.

See also Font Encoding Tables.

E900 - E9FF: Operators
EA00 - EAFF: Negated Operators
EB00 - EBFF: More Arrows
EC00 - ECFF: Fences and Fence Pieces
ED00 - EDFF: More Letterlike Symbols
EE00 - EEFF: Math Accents
EF00 - EFFF: Non-marking Characters
F000 - F07F: German Fraktur (Black-Letter) Alphabet
F080 - F0FF: Blackboard Bold
F100 - F17F: Script Alphabet
F180 - F1FF: Small Capitals

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